Statues and entertainment installations

Konzepte und Gestaltung der Raumplanung

Models and dioramas

Concepts and space development projects from idea to implementation

We are a team of experts on creation,graphic ,art and architecture design We have specific skills and  experience in creating objects mentioned above, a few successful projects , including a long-term contract with Energylandia Amusement Park.

We create ideas for the promotion of cities,municipalities, regions, tourist attractions and routes.

We make a documentation enabling the creation of theme parks, amusement parks, green areas development, playgrounds, local events, funfairs from the scratch.

We offer complex projects ready to present in order to get subsidies or other forms of financing, building permits, or to attract future investors.

We also make decorations for investments either by ourselves or by hiring verified subcontractors.

Depending on your priorities, the project may include:

-business analysis , based on our experience and gathered information

-the choice and description of the theme

-creative, graphic map of attractions ( 2D or 3 D)

-visualisation (pictures, 3D graphics) of the future investment

-graphic designs of ornaments and architectural elements prepared in such a way as to enable the installation

-construction design of the space development

-estimated costs

In our opinion , good concept is the first, indispensible stage of investment planning.

Materials that have been worked out by our team let the inventors implement the projects in a specific and thoughtful way.