Statues and entertainment installations

Konzepte und Gestaltung der Raumplanung

Models and dioramas

Educational exhibitions, dioramas and mockups from design to implementation

Our Workshop offers complex services in the area of educational and museum exhibitions,that cover a lot of subjects , like nature, history, ecology and entertainment.We specialise in the implementation of the museum exhibitions providing service on every stage- from the concept to the actual performance.

We make both: interactive and traditional exhibitions.We use natural exhibits as well as our sculptures and models of people, animals and plants. This is how we can fully reconstruct a given habitat of animals or plants or a historical event.

In cooperation with artists, graphic artists and architects we perform art concepts, arrangements and scenarios as well as exhibition design. We also offer the visualisation of models in 3D technology. A team of skilled sculptors and modellers quarantee professional quality of our products.Our offer is addressed mainly to museums and big and small educational centers.

We make mockups of historical, new or already existing buildings. A mockup  is a brilliant way  to show all that cannot be conveyed by an engineering drawing, allows to learn all the whereabouts of a given project or event.

Our mockups and dioramas are made to meet the needs of the parks of miniatures, museum exhibitions, or are used as architectural models of the future investments,like buildings, housing estates, parks.Mockup can be treated either as a part of a larger project or as an independent element of exhibition.

Our mockups are made of durable materials, such as  PCV, PMMA, plexiglass, balsa, nonwoven fabric, upholstery foam, sprinkles, impregnants. We use a 3D technology which can show all the details.

Thanks to the use of  special technologies, our products are resistant to weather conditions. Our technology allows our products to be detailed, feel their texture and show their true colours.