Statues and entertainment installations

Konzepte und Gestaltung der Raumplanung

Models and dioramas

Sculptures, figures, 3D decorations from design to assembly

We specialize in making all kinds of fiberglass statues, sculptures,decorations in any size.

We produce:

  • ornamental statues
  • advertising statues
  • educational models
  • garden statues
  • enlarged 3D objects
  • mockups
  • unique furniture
  • spatial interior arrangements
  • outdoor advertising
  • museum dioramas
  • scenography for all kinds of events
  • street art style statues, for artistic and utility purpose

We make fiberglass sculptures and decorations.Objects can be enlarged a few times ( XL -size sculpture) or life size, that is 1:1 scale. In order to guarantee the best quality of our products, we also use other materials and technologies.We offer products that are resistant to mechanical damage and weather conditions. Fiberglass statues, ornaments are commonly used. They can, e.g be a museum, amusement park,theme park or city park installation,garden ornament, advertising object, advertisement of a company, individual art object.

We perform individual projects. We put them in life also on the basis of pictures and scientific descriptions, as well as expert consultations. Our art and design department will gladly present a visualisation of ideas and will provide you with a necessary documentation. We have large production facilities, we offer a specialized shipment and installation of our products in an indicated place.